Writing Prompt: God decides to become a mortal human to further understand humanity.

Maybe it’s because I know some excellent examples of Christianity, who have taken the time to teach me about the faith, or maybe it’s my natural ability to figure out the narrative of a story, but when I saw this Writing Prompt on Reddit I thought “Wait, isn’t this basically one interpretation of The New Testament?” Rather than start a religious debate, I thought I’d throw together a little reminder.

He stood in the Garden and looked into the darkness.
“I just don’t understand” He said “and that bothers me because I understand everything else I’ve created. ”
The Seraphim stood around him, uncharacteristically silent. They could feel the shape of the idea forming around them and not one of them could honestly say they were happy about it.
“This calls for a radical step” He said “and a change of perspective. I should be among them, talk to them Myself. I can persuade them, I’m sure.”
“Will you leave us, then, Lord?” The boldest of the Seraphim spoke what they all feared. He shook His head.
“No. But I will send a part of myself. I shall go down among them, live as they live, see as they see. And further, I shall be born of one of them, grow as one of them.”
He turned.
“Seek out a suitable vessel for this undertaking” He said. “My decision is made.”

He stood in the garden and looked out into the darkness.
“Father” he said, and then he swallowed and tried to keep the fear out of his voice “Father, does it have to be like this?”
He knew the answer, in the same way that he knew all of the answers to his prayers. His head bowed.
“But there’s so much more I can do. I’ve only had a few years to really make a difference, and they’re listening. Please let me do more. I don’t want it to have all been for nothing. I don’t want to…”
He turned and gestured to the little circle of firelight at the end of the garden where his friends were sitting.
“They still need me” he said. “There’s so much they need to learn and really, only I can teach them. If it were just for them alone, I should stay but…”
But the decision was made, and when the soldiers came to Gethsemane he went quietly.


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