Writing Prompt: Voldemort survived. Potter died. The Muggle government steps in resolve the conflict.

Security Notice: The following document is Classified Top Secret FINAL STRAW.

If you are not cleared for FINAL STRAW please hand this document to your security officer. Do not read any further.

Item 1: Recon drone footage lasting seventeen minutes. The first ten minutes are from a high altitude drone operated as part of WICKED STEPMOTHER and comprise slightly grainy IR footage of the area surrounding the area known as Hogwarts. The camera reveals a large number of hotspots, probably fires, and a larger number of dark spots in the rough shape of human bodies. The resolution isn’t that clear, but the drone was not able to descend or linger as a number of DELTA ECHO targets were present.

The last seven minutes are smaller tactical drone cameras deployed no later than one hour after the incident we’re now calling FINAL STRAW; these drones – we see footage from two – were used by the Close Target Recon team of SBS X Squadron as part of MAGIC MIRROR.

The footage is more distressing. One camera explores the interior of Hogwarts at a height of around four feet. A number of bodies are visible, clearly children between the ages of 11 and 17, later estimates put the number at thirty along with a dozen adults.

The exterior camera shows a higher number of corpses, but the function of this camera was interrupted by DELTA ECHO action after two minutes of operation. The MAGIC MIRROR team were ordered to withdraw.

Item 2: Extract from the minutes of the Hopkins Committee.

Present are The Home Secretary (HSEC), the Defence Minister (DMIN), the chair of the All Forces Committee of Policing (COP) and the Intelligence officer currently overseeing WICKED STEPMOTHER (Woodsman). They are joined by Doctor Janette Parry, an expert in the reconstruction of war crimes.

COP: Dr. Parry, how would you describe what you witnessed at Hogwarts?

Parry: I’d characterise it as a massacre.

DMIN: Do you believe the children were combatants?

Parry: It’s really hard to say. I’m not really all that experienced with….this sort of…warfare.

HSEC: Woodsman, you know a little more. Can you comment?

Woodsman: It is extremely unlikely that the staff of Hogwarts would have deliberately put children in the line of fire. I think we have to remember that they were, first and foremost, teachers rather than tacticians and this might explain the tragic loss of life and how the enemy were able to inflict such serious casualties.

DMIN: Do you think we have our casus belli, Home Secretary?

HSEC: I plan to take today’s report to COBRA as soon as we’re done here. A massacre of this nature on British soil must be considered an act of terrorism if not a declaration of war.

Item 3 Extract from After Action Report.

Local police sources provided intelligence that a DELTA ECHO priority target was in the area, possibly supported by a small number of DELTA WHISKEY personnel. The initial plan was to deploy a squad of MAGIC MIRROR operators with elements of 23 SAS in support.

23 SAS were able to deploy to cover and concealment, but the approach of the MAGIC MIRROR team tripped some form of early warning system. The DELTA WHISKEY elements scattered immediately. The DELTA ECHO target engaged in combat with the MAGIC MIRROR team, disarming the lead elements immediately. With the situation deteriorating, and with a clear and present danger to civilians in the area, snipers of 23 SAS acted to eliminate the threat. Two rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum were fired, one striking the centre mass of the target and the other striking the head.

Item 4 Extract from After Action Report.

On receiving flash traffic from WICKED STEPMOTHER that three high profile DELTA ECHO targets were in open country on redacted, I tasked Asset: DUCKING STOOL to the immediate area and alerted MAGIC MIRROR.

(DUCKING STOOL is n AC-130 Spectre gunship on loan from the US).

With no MAGIC MIRROR assets in strike range of redacted I was ordered to task DUCKING STOOL with interdicting the targets. Targeting information and painting was provided by WICKED STEPMOTHER, and DUCKING STOOL interdicted the targets with the M102 Howitzer and M61 Vulcan cannons. MAGIC MIRROR later confirmed the targets had been eliminated before they were able to flee.

Item 5 – Memorandum from Woodsman to the Director of the Security Services.

…and I must say, Neville has been extraordinarily helpful. For a young man with no real exposure to this sort of work, he’s taken to analysis like a duck to water. It also turns out he has a gift for interrogation work. Normally, I wouldn’t put a civilian in that position but when the Malfoys turned themselves in there wasn’t anyone who could accurately judge their state of mind.

It can’t have been pleasant for him, but he pivotal in ensuring their co-operation and completely professional during their questioning. He wasn’t in the same room, but his observations -that Lucius and Narcissa will do practically anything to protect Draco- have been very effective in ensuring they tell the truth.

The Malfoys are, of course, enemies of the state and I’m sure we’ll have to do something about them in due course, but Longbottom is superb. He’s a botanist, so I’m told. Can we find him a nice quiet research position with DEFRA after this is all over and keep him on the books? Maybe sort him out an OBE?

Item 6 – Operation FLYING MONKEY

Classification: Eyes only. Codewords: FLYING MONKEY, FINAL STRAW

Abstract: CONDUNDRUM’s location has been confirmed as the former Malfoy residence <GPS coordinates redacted>. Operation FLYING MONKEY is tasked to infiltrate and pacify CONUNDRUM and as many DELTA ECHO and DELTA WHISKEY targets as possible. If CONDUNDRUM cannot be secured or eliminated reducing him to a disincarnate form is considered acceptable.

(handwritten note, present in the hard copy file but not present in the digital archive: “Following the incident at Chequers, the PM has made it known that he wants the bastard’s head and will not settle for anything else. See to it, ladies and gentlemen. The memorial service for his wife is next Wednesday at St. Pauls.”)

After Action Report.

The house was isolated from the Floo Network by MAGIC MIRROR assets known as BELL, BOOK and CANDLE, who also deactivated several Portkeys in the area and actioned Apparition countermeasures. The effort of this last action hospitalised BOOK and CANDLE. They are not expected to recover.

Conventional assets deployed:

Perimeter security was provided by the Rifle Regiment with a battalion of 2 PARA creating a close cordon.

As well as Rifle Regiment snipers, elements of 23 SAS were deployed at range to catch leaks.

Air cover: DUCKING STOOL and SILVER PIN (AC-130s) were tasked to orbit the location to provide fire support. WICKED STEPMOTHER assets were deployed and given air cover by 6 Squadron RAF Typhoons.

Special Forces insertion was carried out by 7 Squadron RAF and Squadron 657 Army Air Corps.

The assault on the house was carried out by 22 SAS, X Squadron SBS and MAGIC MIRROR with immediate support from 45 Commando.

ITEM 7 – extract from “Nothing Up My Sleeve” by Soldier X, currently classified under the Hundred Year rule.

The Immediate Action plan was that we would assault the ground floor while 22 SAS fast roped onto the roof and assaulted the top floor. The more considered plan was more or less the same, but with less swearing and running about.

During the briefing, 45 Commando were tasked to go in with us to hold rooms that we’d cleared. That was when the people from MAGIC MIRROR showed up and everything got detailed and much less Disney.

We’d all been in action against DELTA WHISKEY types, but normally DELTA ECHO targets were considered a bit more hardcore and definitely worth potting from a distance if you could. No one had really chanced CQB against them since the initial contacts of the conflict, so we got a briefing on what that might involve.

MAGIC MIRROR turned out to not be your average Green Slime, which was a nice surprise, and some of the information they laid out definitely saved lives. Of course it was SOP to carry more than one weapon, since an Expelliarmus is only going to take out what’s in your hand. We’d already partly defeated this by attaching lanyards to firearms and doing a lot of fast draw practice to get a pistol in hand and rounds down range before the Delta could wave his or her stick again.

MAGIC MIRROR reminded us that the big bloke, codenamed CONUNDRUM, was experienced and powerful. He was allegedly responsible for the killing of fifty of his own kind at FINAL STRAW, so we were ordered to take any opportunity to slot him since if you could see him he could see, and kill, you.

To cut a long story short, by Dark and Early O’Clock the next morning we were in position and ready to launch. Our key tactics would be speed, surprise and aggression, to create the maximum of disorientation in the targets and keep them off balance and out of communication with each other.

To kick things off, anyone at a door or window did an explosive entry followed up by frags and flashbangs into the initial rooms. We had no civilians to worry about and no non-combatants. I was straight in the front door, Jock to my left and two lads from four-five behind me. The net was full of “Contact! Contact!” and I could hear gunfire, more flashbangs and then “Delta down!”

My target was the Drawing Room at the end of the main hall, which was one of the locations we expected to find CONUNDRUM. Jock had an entry charge for the door and our plan was to blow it, then go in with flashbangs and frags – a couple of each in quick succession – to sow a little confusion before clearing the room. As it turned out, two DELTA ECHO types decided to open the door for us. Jock went sideways, I continued in a straight line down the hall and put a short burst of rounds in the bloke to my immediate front as Jock did the same to the target to the right. They seemed surprised, but not inconvenienced, so I made sure the next rounds went to my target’s head and he went down like a sack of washing. Jock and I doubled to the door, went in with flashbangs and followed in immediately. I went left, he went right. We engaged and destroyed another two DELTA ECHO targets immediately and then I heard someone shout something like “abracadabra”. Jock went down very hard and I put my back to a corner and clocked my target at the end of the table. I registered who it was and put out a “CONTACT CONUNDRUM” message on the net before putting a long burst from my C8 into him. He moved almost immediately, but I know at least two rounds got him centre mass before he tried to turn into smoke and looked really unhappy when it didn’t work.

I ducked into cover, changed mag and came up pointing at his last known position and shooting. It’s a good thing I did because he was mid wave of his stick and one round clipped his hand. He screamed and a bloke from four five came through the door with a browning in his hand and put two shots right into the side of CONUNDRUM’s head.


Final clearances of Ottery St. Catchpole, Tinworth and Upper Flagley have been completed.

The classification of the capacity of interest is MERLIN. Any Merlin capable, or Merlin potential, citizens are to be tagged and submitted to WICKED STEPMOTHER for relocation and education.

COBRA has determined that the act of 1689 will go to the House to be repealed. Merlin capable society has shown itself incapable of self governance, restraint or respect for human life. Documents found in Diagon Alley and the remains of Hogwarts show that Merlin capable individuals have routinely engaged in memory alteration and even assaults on Crown subjects with complete impunity. This will end forthwith. If there are dangers to be faced, we will face them but no longer in a position of ignorance.

Until then, these people are not considered to be Crown subjects and, as such, not accorded the protection and privilege of non-Merlin citizens.  Round them up, deprive them of their wands and make sure they pose no immediate threat to Crown and Country.

Former staff members and pupils present at FINAL STRAW are Classification B, as are Merlin-capable relatives.  They should go to Sites BLAINE, COPPERFIELD, DANIELS.

The citizens referred to a Squibs, or the non-Merlin parents and relatives of Merlin capable individuals are Category C will go to the Kent facility.

Category D targets are subject to Special Measures as set out in Paragraph Six of the Emergency Bill now before the House.  In the event that the Bill does not pass, these targets are to be subject to Special Rendition to Site Orange for disposal.

Category F individuals that surrender are to be treated in accordance with the Geneva convention until further notice.  Category Fs that offer violence should be treated as Enemy Combatants.


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